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Tired of your negative thoughts? Research proves that most of our thoughts are negative. Yet it can be changed. Through harnessing the power of positive affirmations, Jonathan Kis-Lev did just that. Better Thoughts Better Life is a much-needed guidebook to understanding the relationship between your MIND and your WELLBEING. Filled with over 200 affirmations, this book is a gift to give yourself.

Advance praise for Better Thoughts Better Life:

“This book is truly a treasure, combining elements of modern brain chemistry with intuitional insight, using affirmations that can help to rewire and restore brain function. I highly recommend it!” −Dr. John Vitals

“Kis-Lev lays out a road map in a profoundly powerful yet simple way on how to heal your life beginning with your mind. Anyone who takes the journey in reading this book and applies the daily practice of affirmations will surely transform themselves and their life.” −Tova Hansel, author and speaker

Better Thoughts Better Life is the manual for anyone who’s on the path to wholeness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” −John Vista

“Above all I loved the design of the book. Each affirmation is given an illustration taken from the world of botanical art. These illustrations are magnificent. I can look at them for hours. These, in combination with the powerful affirmations, comprised one of the best gifts I ever gave myself.” −Katie Shvoljann

“What gives this book a unique edge, especially for those well familiar with this type of affirmation work, is the conversational tone; Jonathan talks with the reader naturally and at times wittily as he relates his own personal journey. He recommends posting some of the affirmations around your house, which I did, and I am excited each time I “bump” into yet another wonderful affirmation, whether on the fridge or by my bed. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” −Alison Kahn

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Let me start with a confession.

For years I distrusted affirmations. They always seemed so… silly. Really.

I thought it was quite pathetic – people telling themselves things, hoping it would somehow change their reality.

I thought it was p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c! Well, I was a teenager. I thought most things were pathetic.

But then came… LIFE.

In my early twenties things were so bad for me that I began (reluctantly!) reading motivational books. All kinds of classics found their way to my hands.

To my alarm, these books were actually… good.

They gave me food for thought.

And they slowly began to shift my thinking. I realized that I was my worst enemy. That the quality of my life was DETERMINED by the quality of my thoughts.

And, quite frankly, my thoughts sucked.

They really did.

I was actually embarrassed to share my thoughts with others. In my mind I was constantly dissing myself, mocking my actions, criticizing my words and every movement.

Could I change my thoughts? My negative thoughts were all I knew.

I decided to give positive affirmations a chance. Mind you, I didn’t tell anyone I was practicing this weird stuff. I was just willing to give it a try.

Little did I know my life was about to change.

* * * *

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