Infinite Manifestations: The Power of Stopping at Nothing (Light Touch Manifestations Book 2)

In his previous bestselling books, spiritual explorer and bestselling author Richard Dotts has repeatedly taught that any intention, when held purely in our consciousness, will lead to corresponding outer manifestations.

Now in his latest book Infinite Manifestations, Richard takes those teachings one step further and shares a practical, step-by-step method for erasing the unconscious memories and blocks that hold our manifestations back.

As Richard writes in this book, “Manifestations have never been about attracting something from ‘out there’ into our lives. This is not what the spiritual masters have taught. Instead, the art of manifestation is about dropping everything that is not in harmony with what we ask for on the inside.”

When one drops everything that is not in alignment with what they are asking for on the inside (which includes negative fears, worries, expectations, recurring bad habits and emotional tendencies), what remains is a clear and pristine inner state which is highly conducive for outer manifestations.

When everything that is unnecessary to the fulfillment of our desires have been dropped, what remains is a pure state of beingness and the instant physical manifestation of our intentions.

For the first time in print, Richard shares how this can be done through the Infinite Release technique. The Infinite Release technique, “revealed” to Richard by the Universe, is a quick and easy way to let go of any unconscious memories, blocks and resistances that may prevent our highest good from coming to us.

When we invoke the Infinite Release process, we are no longer doing it alone. Instead, we step out of the way, letting go and letting God. We let Universal Intelligence decide how our inner resistances and blocks should be dissolved. All we need to do is to intend that we are clear from these blocks that hold us back. Once the Infinite Release process is invoked, it is done!

The Infinite Release process is so profound and simple because its effectiveness does not depend on the user’s level of belief, or on rationalizing through any of their perceived “problems” in life. This is not a logical problem-solving approach that requires hard work or effort. Instead, the Infinite Release process works through a trinity of three carefully-crafted intentions that result in an infinite loop that drops all disharmonious elements in one’s life.

The end result of invoking the Infinite Release process is the creation of an infinite loop that erases all the unconscious blocks / memories that are not in harmony with our higher intentions. Once we are clear from these unconscious beliefs and memories that hold us back, we are free to perceive life from the perspective of the Universe, where manifestations are spontaneous and nothing needs to be changed.

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