Literal Dreams: Prayers To Prevent The Manifestation Of Dreams Of Promotion Denial Or Demotion – Personal Edition (Literal Dreams Series Book 23)

If you had a dream and in that dream you saw that in your workplace, you were denied a promotion or indeed you were demoted, you need to take action as soon as possible before it is too late.

Many people who have been denied a workplace promotion or in fact have been demoted, at one time or the other, had dreams that this would happen to them. Yet, despite this spiritual heads-up, they still ended up becoming victims exactly as the dream had revealed. Many of these victims either waved off such dreams as mere figments of their imagination or ordinary mental tricks caused by excessive thinking and stress. Some were genuinely concerned but lacked the spiritual know-how to prevent the resulting unfortunate event. Ignorance, whether conscious or unconscious, is dangerous. Negative dreams do not care whether or not you believe in them. If they are inspired by the devil or are a symptom of impending spiritual judgment and you do nothing about them, they will manifest regardless of what you believe.

“Literal Dreams: Prayers To Prevent The Manifestation Of Dreams Of Promotion Denial / Demotion – Personal Edition” is a unique book that provides anyone who has been having this specific type of dream with the specific spiritual know-how and divine tools with which to prevent their manifestation. If you read this book and you do everything written therein with complete faith in Jesus Christ, these negative dreams will never come to pass in your life.

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