Manifestation Made Easy Jounal for Success & Workbook: Create the Life of Your Dreams Using The Power of Conscious Intention and Deliberate Creation Workbook

If you are interested in: manifestation, manifesting, actualization, alchemy, intention, co-creation, visualization techniques, affirmations, creativity, visualization, subliminal mindset, and using the process of conscious, deliberate creation to have and experience more health, wealth, money, abundance, prosperity, success, peace, happiness, joy and love, then you will want to check out this Manifestation Made Easy Journal for Success Playbook and Workbook!

This Manifestation Made Easy Journal for Success and Workbook expands on everything learned and discussed in Manifestation Made Easy ebook.

By practicing and applying the tools, techniques and exercises in this Journal for Success and Workbook, you will expand on your abilities and talents to:

*Decide what to manifest.

*Learn the basic and fundamental steps and procedures for effective manifestation.

*Get all the practice exercises, tools, techniques and strategies for putting it into motion and getting fast, easy and effective results.

*Learn the best way to set powerful, clear and effective intentions.

*Practice helpful and effective exercises to help you control and focus your thoughts easily and effectively.

*Improve and enhance your emotional control easily and effectively.

*You will also learn tried and true techniques for effective visualization that make the process simple and effective.

*You will learn and apply the power of affirmations including how to do them correctly.

*You will learn and apply the basic and fundamental steps for fun, easy, powerful and effective manifestation and actualization and so much more!

With this helpful Manifestation Made Easy Journal for Success, Manifest into reality anything you dream of with ease, grace and benevolence so you can truly live the life you were born to live!

Written by Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Healer, Lori Spagna, this book is sure to enhance your manifestation abilities, boost your confidence level and assist you in creating the joyful, abundant, healthy, happy, fulfilling life you were born to live.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already and accomplished manifestor, this is the Manifestation Made Easy Journal for Success and Workbook is for you! Grab your copy now, and start manifesting and actualizing the life YOU have been dreaming of!

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