Manifestation Through Relaxation: A Guide to Getting More by Giving In

“Neville may be the positive-thinking movement’s most radical and subtly influential voice.”
– Mitch Horowitz, bestselling author of “One Simple Idea”

Your Guide to Getting More by Giving In…

This book is going to show you how to achieve much more of what you desire in life – by trying less. Most of us don’t think personal, financial and spiritual success starts with relaxation.

But we’re wrong.

You’re about to find out that increased relaxation doesn’t just lead to better mental and physical health, but other tangible forms of prosperity. Feeling stressed out and stuck in the same aggravating rut over and over again? Then this powerfully unconventional advice is for you. Inside you’ll discover how to:

*Work less to achieve more

*Streamline the manifestation of your desires

*Take advantage of simple activities to easily and consistently reduce your stress

*Raise your level of relaxation to facilitate receiving what you want

*Attain a peaceful work-life balance

*Utilize stress reduction tools to reach specific goals quickly and with far less effort

Don’t delay finding out about this unique, life-changing information. Scroll up to buy your copy today!

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