Meditation & Manfestation Box Set: Learn the Art of meditation & Manifestation to Attract Peace, Happiness and Wealth in Life (Meditation for Beginners, … Easy, Manifestation Miracle, Manifestation)

Learn the art of Meditation to live happy and peaceful life & Discover the magic of Manifestation and attract happiness and abundance of wealth

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Today, we have to go through many levels of stress. It doesn’t matter how old we are and what our occupation is, everyone of us goes through stress and sometimes it becomes really daunting to manage the level of stress inside our mind and we become short tempered and aggressive. If you are a student then you have to feel the stress of getting higher marks in your exams. Your teachers and parents would warn you for getting bad marks and put lots of stress on your mind. If you are a professional, then you have to face the pressure of meeting your deadlines in the job. You have to listen to the harsh words from your boss and superior employees of your company.

Stress is very harmful for the overall health and well being of our body and sometimes a person faces a high level of trauma and mental illness just because of stress. In today’s world, where everything changes with an instance of a tweet, relationships are also becoming self centred and egocentric. Due to this change in mindset, many people have to face a higher level of stress and tension. So what is the cure of stress and tension? Our mother nature has already provided us with many natural cures for stress and one of such greatest gifts is meditation.

My book can provide you a step by step guide for a perfect meditation. Meditation is not beneficial without proper concentration techniques and that’s why I have mentioned many ancient Indian concentration techniques. Meditation is helpful to tune the 7 chakras of our mind, so I have described about each chakra and the benefits of its tuning. Meditation is not a very hard process and you can do it at your home sitting at a silent place. But you should not get any benefit of meditation if you don’t know the proper technique and that’s why I have this step by step proper meditation guide for you. I have also explained some different types of meditation in my book like Universal Mantra meditation, Relaxation meditation, and Energy Healing meditation. So, click on the buy button and grab this chance to save your copy of meditation for stress free and healthy life.

Discover the magic of Manifestation and attract happiness and abundance of wealth

Today, we are living in the age of technology and innovations. We need every possible resource to live a happy and prosperous life and we want to become rich as soon as possible. But do you know what should be a best approach to get everything that you need for a happy and prosperous life? It has been proved that the world in which we are living is not more than an illusion. The space and time in which we are living are no more than the vibrations. Every tangible and intangible resource available in our Universe is no more than some sort of vibrations. If you need to spend a prosperous life then you must learn how to tune up your mind, body, and psyche to these vibrations so that you can grab these tangible and intangible resources. One of the best ways to tune up our mind and body for positive aspirations is manifestation.
There is no doubt that manifestation is the best way to fulfil your every dream in life. But people are not aware how to use it effectively for better results. Many techniques that you see on the YouTube videos and websites are not even plausible and effective and you must learn the exact way of manifestation. In my book, I have tried to provide some useful and effective techniques that a person can use in real world for manifestation. Many people don’t know the real meaning of manifestation and they start living in the world of dreams instead of accepting the reality. Manifestation is not about day dreaming but about giving positive affirmations to your Su

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