Money And the Law of Attraction Planner 2018: The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity With Money Attraction Mindset (Money … Journal Workbook Planner Series) (Volume 10)

If You’re Ready To Have More MONEY and Abundance in the coming year, then Money And The Law of Attraction Planner is for You! This planner will help you to: – Remove money blocks and cultivate the right mindset to let the energy of money and wealth flow to you – Guide you to achieve your financial goal and vision and manifest it at the shortest possible time – Actions to take to create more money and wealth – How to align your thoughts, desires, emotions and actions to attract more money into your life Use this planner and Attract the Abundance and Wealth You’ve Always Dreamed Of! Go through the execises suggested in the front part of the planner and get started to receive more wealth and abundance for the new year. Money And the Law of Attraction Planner is designed to help you execute the principles behind the Law of Attraction to make you become a money magnet. It assumes that you have some knowledge of how the Law of Attraction works. You can use the money attraction execises to take the necessary actions and cultivate the right mental state and actions to manifest the money you wish to attract and gain financial abundance. This planner will help you to execute the Law of Attraction in your life. It has 188 pages designed for you to write down your money goals and desires, daily affirmations, gratitidue list, actions to take and achieve the improvements you seek in your life. This planner will help you to align your thoughts, emotions, energy and intended actions so that they are all aligned to help you attract more money and abundance using the power of the Law of Attraction. So, begin now! BONUS! – Comes with more than 50 affirmations statements you can use to attract money and abundance! It offers lots of space to write your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and events. and to-do list. Full Specifications: -U.S Edition – U.S holidays -8.5 x 11 inches weekly and monthly planner -12-month calendar – 12 sheets of monthly calendar sheet -106 pages – weekly calendar sheets (4 days per page with To-Do List column) -2 x pages to record important dates for 2018 – Money manifestation and money attraction execises to align your mindset, desires, emotions and actions to receive money and wealth into your life – multiple pages to record your desired outcome, track your positive emotions, listing for things you are thankful for, actions to take, affirmations and notes to achieve what you desire 50 affirmations statements you can use to attract money and abundance right now! – 6 pages of personal notes section for recording anything you need -Matte cover lamination -Inspirational quote following the principles behind the law of attraction A perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

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