My Law of Attraction Project Planner: With Tools for Creating Abundance, Success, and Joy

NEW IMPROVED VERSION — What type of “project” do you have? MY LAW OF ATTRACTION PROJECT PLANNER is for ALL projects, large and small. And, since it’s undated, you can begin today! > Take charge of your daily life with ease! > Break major projects down into manageable steps, and reap positive outcomes! > Attract your ideal home, dream job, perfect partner, good health, long-awaited vacation! > Whatever you desire! – – – Become a “Deliberate Planner” by incorporating the Law of Attraction – (1) Learn to take better control of your thoughts and feelings so you can attract your goals with greater ease. (2) Adopt a simple daily routine designed to help you create and maintain a positive, forward-thinking focus on the way you’d like your life to be, using 31 Daily Tools sheets, 10 Project Planning sheets, and 8 sheets for 68 Seconds of Pure Positive Focus provided. (3) Choose from a wide variety of effective and easy to use tools and techniques (with examples), inspired by Abraham-Hicks and others, such as Appreciation/Gratitude Lists, Positive Aspects Lists, Scripting, Segment Intending, Placemat Process, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). – – – Fulfilling goals or completing projects is often overwhelming, whether you plan them yourself or they’re forced upon you by circumstances. The better and more at ease you learn to feel, however, the easier it will be to attract the outcomes you desire. Noticing Universal nudges and taking inspired action will become natural for you, and extremely productive. – – – Planning daily fun experiences will also play a key role in your success. Your consistent, positive attention on what you want to attract will allow you to experience the joy of living it. As explained by Abraham in their teachings, joy is the main reason we are here. – – – This Project Planner contains everything you’ll need to “feel” as though you’ve already attained your goals. When you learn to actually feel like you’ve already succeeded, you will be a vibrational match to that success, and you will attract it. – – – An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique is included, along with some scripts to help release stress or self-doubt, or to increase self-confidence, motivation, or focus. There are daily scripts for joy, and for being empowered to be happy regardless of other people or events. – – – Become pro-active about your life, rather than re-active. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -“Every 25 Reviews” Drawing: Please “Like” our Facebook page – My Law of Attraction Project Planner – to continue to be inspired, and to enjoy reading the success stories of others and adding your own. Message us through this page as soon as you’ve left us a review on Amazon, providing a link to your review or your specific Amazon name so we can confirm it, in order to be eligible for the next drawing. For every 25 confirmed reviews we receive on Amazon, there will be a drawing for a free copy of our Supplement to My Law of Attraction Project Planner.

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