Price Matching 101

A very long time ago I worked at a retailer that sold trailer hitches, among other things. In our town it was a pretty tight environment and we were actually all friendly with our competition, for the most part.

Ceiling detail at a Utah Rest Area on Hwy 6

One day a guy came in looking at one of our parts, and approached the manager.

“I was just in at BOB’s Trailers and he has these on sale for $50. I see you’re charging $75.” the guy said.
“Okay, so why didn’t you get one at BOB’s?” the manager replied.
“Well they’re out right now, and I wondered if you could price match.” the guy suggested.
“Sure thing, when we’re out I’ll do BOB’s one better and charge $49.” the manager conceded.

Under the circumstances it came across rather humorously, and the guy ended up getting a small discount, since he wanted it now and didn’t want to wait for BOB’s to order one in for him. Sometimes a sale is sitting in front of your face, and the whole price negotiation thing is just a way to communicate with your customers. Don’t be offended by the offers that both sides make and you might end up finding a place to meet in the middle and end up with a win-win situation.

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