Secret Manifestation – Power Grid Activation

“Kertzer claims that creating a symbol, or identifying oneself with an existing symbol, is a powerful means of gaining or maintaining power, for the “hallmark of power is the construction of reality” (Kertzer 1988: 5). Furthermore, ritual and symbolism distinguishes the powerful from the meek, and authority is reinforced by the control of ritual and manipulation of symbols” – Fabian Graham

This Manual is intended only for one thing, a simple yet extremely powerful process where everyone may bring their wildest dreams and desires to life.
There is no stopping in using this, you may use it everyday. However, there are some specific details concerning the momentum of this process.

You may apply this on but not limited to:

– Money
– Partners, Romantic, Business
– House, Apartments, Villas
– Traveling, Weekends, Seasonal
– Product Launches
– Human relations
– Physical distress
– Emotional stress

Law of attraction courses often offer some limited exercises in form of writing and challenging beliefs, they spend some but very little time on using the powerful forces of the universe to really, Really activate the flow of energies.

You are now tapping in to the power grid of the universe of manifestations

– Are you ready?

– Yes?

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