Sex And The Law Of Attraction: How To Use Your Mind To Attract Sex

How to use your mind to attract sex …

Have you ever wondered wether the law of attraction applies to manifesting
intimate experiences ?

Using the law of attraction in order to manifest intimate experiences is quite different
experience from manifesting material things at least in my experience .

After all sex is not an object but rather the result of an interaction in which
two people agreed to participate , so why does it sometimes appear
to be difficult to manifest ?

In this book you will find that Law Of Attraction is only part of the answer ,
Another part has a lot to do with the type of energy that you exude and the
level of comfort with which you welcome such possibilities ,

I found that it is quite common to repell and give of a vibe that gets in the way of sex to easily manifest ,
Once you fine tune your vibration you are likely to find that whichever ways you used to manifest sex or perhaps a relationhsip will bear more fruits , since your personal energy is something that can be sensed either online or offline ,

Things like getting more opportunities , texts on your dating app and so on as well as having encounters that easily flow in such a way that leads to enjoying sexual experiences are some of the benefits that I found can happen when your vibration in this regard is fine tuned ,

The book explains in detail the ideas and ways to actually refine your vibration around the topic
There is also a workbook bonus included ( instructions on where you can download the workbook from are on the last page of this book ) so together they are like a course that adresses both theory as well as suggests the ways in which you can apply this theory in a way that fits your preferences

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