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The Law of Attraction By Andrew Godwin, the author of The Habit of Happiness.
Manifest Your Desires.
The Science of Success.
Happy Reminder: Excellent, precise, and step-by-step instructions are provided in this book.
Dear reader, my name is Andrew Godwin. And I am about to share with you the ONLY possible—and probable—way to true prosperity! The truest definition of prosperity is as follows: Happiness!
Nothing else is comparable to happiness. Happiness has three distinct components: perfect health, perfect wealth, and perfect success. When these three elements are present in your life, you have attained the status of an all-around happy person. To be certain, the continuation of happiness—via the safeguards thereof—is to have a constant stream of health, wealth, and success.
To fulfill the above definition you need the proper implements, a tool-set, if you like! Well, the best news is: you do possess such tools, and with proper methodology these tools will—by their very design—attain true prosperity for you.
A few words of observation: prosperity means a lot of things, as you know. But the meanings do not appear alike to every observer. And that is the effect of personal perceptions. There are numerous enterprises that have schooled the aspirants for a certain definition of prosperity. The greatest indication of true prosperity is the fortunate feeling telling you that yours did not come at the expense of other people. Anything else, however grand and dazzling it might seem, is, after all, illusory; it will not last!
It is therefore of utmost importance to know: you can create any and all situations, outcomes, and means-and-effects of your prosperity. Do be careful therefore as to what you aim your prosperity to be.
This book is your best guide to the Law of Attraction, success principles, and true wealth for a lifetime. By reading–and learning–this book, you can indeed manifest your dreams through the science of success.
Prosperity is your Destiny. I want you to enjoy this experience.
With much love and blessings!

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