Charles Miske

Charles Miske grew up in the 60’s and like many in his generation, questioned authority and sought after a less stressful life closer to the land. Despite excellent grades he wasn’t able to graduate high school and wandered from job to job and place to place, living in an old school bus coated in red barn paint. In fact he was often mistaken for a “Dead Head” the gypsy band that followed the band “Grateful Dead” around the country living along the side of the road.

Charles Miske in the 60's
Charles Miske in the 60’s

This vagabond life lent itself well to jobs in factories, retail stores, and landscaping, but didn’t provide many opportunities to use his skills at math and logic. This opportunity came much later in his life, when he was able to begin writing by publishing a small fanzine that he later sold at a profit. In the 90’s desktop publishing was still in the experimental phase, and he had to quickly learn many new computer and software skills. These skills were instrumental in his career change to tech support management, programming, and server administration.

It wasn’t long before he became a partner in a wildly successful internet marketing company where his goal setting and achievement skills were essential to the growth of the company, eventually having a staff of nearly 30 employees. But that wasn’t enough. He realized his heart really wasn’t into 60 and 80 hour weeks sitting in a small office in a big building and he formulated an exit plan.

Always heavy as a child, Charles began running at the age of 19 and quickly shed over 30 pounds. He also loved the mountains, and when living in the Western USA he hiked and ran on the many trails there. As a cycle commuter he rode 28 miles a day to work and hiked on weekends taking him down to an unhealthily low weight. His computer management position and long hours took all that away though. This was another factor in the exit plan, as he’d blown up to 240 pounds without even realizing it.

Charles Miske today, along the Snake River in Summit County CO
Charles Miske today, along the Snake River in Summit County CO

He had always dreamed of climbing and hiking on big mountains around the world, and that became the carrot on the stick that led to his steady weight loss down to 180 pounds while experimenting with advanced goal setting and achievement techniques. He was able to utilize his innate creativity in producing several eBook and paperback publications about his mountaineering adventures, for sale on Amazon, B&N and Google Play. While answering the thousandth question from various friends of friends about training, fat loss, and success achievement he realized that people really did need help from a more experienced goal setter, someone who had been around the block a few hundred times and knew how to make it work in spite of adversity and hardship.

That is how he got to where he is today and provides a background full of stories and examples to help share the message of success and how you too can achieve it if you set your mind to it and practice the techniques and develop the skills necessary.

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