MLM Cynicism and Millionaires

A very long time ago half of my neighbors and relatives got conned into some MLM thing or another. The most popular one was some soap company that for all I know is out of business now. Hopefully. Anyway, I got scared and nervous any time any one invited my wife and I over for dinner, or games, or anything, because it almost always ended up with a presentation.

USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Breckenridge, CO

Near the end of one presentation, when we were asked to sign on the dotted line, I very gently explained the presentation back to the “host” using simple math and logic.

So let me get this straight. In order to be a millionaire, I have to buy $75 of your stuff every month, and flush it down the toilet, and convince 8 other people to buy $75 of stuff and flush it, and they each convince 8 other people to buy and flush, and all the way down for 8 branches of dealers under me, and then I’ll be a millionaire? Just by convincing people that if they buy $75 of stuff and flush it they’ll all be millionaires too?

My poor “host” was speechless. I discovered a few years later they were actually making a presentation somewhat similar to the above, but slightly less cynical.

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