Twenty Millionaire Secrets: The Luck Factor

In a previous article on the Twenty Millionaire Secrets [HERE] I discussed the Chicken/Egg aspect of the equation. If you haven’t seen the statistics presented, take a second to go back and refer to them.

First of all, through the various threads about it on Linkedin, we have discovered the original source was Tom Corley and that Dave Ramsey quoted and credited him. Also in the threads of discussion that good old excuse, er, rationalization, er, explanation was used.

When life gives you lemons …



Yes. They went there. So these weird random statistical samples were the result of a magic power. Wielded by whom you might ask? I sure do. I totally have a bone to pick with that magic wand waving whatever it is.

On a more serious note, I find it hard to believe that no one has actually tested for this magic superpower effect. The study would be quite simple. Go to Walmart and randomly select 100 from each of three groups.

  1. People who consider themselves lucky
  2. People who consider themselves unlucky
  3. People who don’t believe in luck at all

Split each group in half. 50 from each group get locked in a 6′ square cell cut off from all influences of the outside world. The other 50 get to live the same as they are now. Keep that up for a year. At the end of the year, the Lucky (group #1) People should be outperforming all members of groups #2 and #3 regardless of whether they were secluded or free. Otherwise:


And most likely doesn’t even exist.

Lucky Birds – a birdhouse magically appeared

What they call “LUCKY” is how they rationalize failure. Assume that a bunch of birds flew around in circles on my deck as I set out a bird house that my children built and painted. The first bird to fly into it might be considered “lucky” by some other bird, most likely one who was sitting in a tree resting somewhere at the time.

Sorry birds, but my family did a lot of work in setting up the circumstances for the winner, and they just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Is such an effect influenced by any forces or powers of the birds? Yes. They would be flying around maybe faster, or in tighter, more targeted circles than the others. Others who might be resting in a nest. Arguing over mates, or some other more important thing. The bird who gets the birdhouse might skip a meal or two in the interest of being over the deck at the right time. Might prolong mating, might skip a few episodes of “The Crows” reality show.

So being in the right place at the right time to be in the proximity of a life changing event. That might only be a case of skipping out on a slew of wasteful activities. Unprofitable activities.

Lucky Cat – he has the power

Come to think of it, wasn’t that list about how wealthier people miss out on a lot of wasteful activity while engaging in activities leading to education and networking? I guess wealthy people are “LUCKY” if you want to rationalize and call it that. I choose not to rely on magic for my future opportunities.

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