Too Old For Goals And Dreams?

I recently addressed a Youth Leadership Group, and I was profoundly stirred listening to the  dreams that the youngsters had for what’s to come. While I was presenting, I felt the gathering of  youth start to understand that it is alright to dream and be glad for what you have done in  your life and where you need to go in life.

As grown-ups, we have to understand that the force of a dream will empower you to accomplish whatever your definitive “WHY” in life is. By the age 25, the vast majority lose the greater part of the motivation they had always wanted and fall  into a monotonous groove. From the age 25-65, individuals for the most part backtrack and forward to work and say to  themselves,

“I wish… if I could have… if I knew then what I know now,”

…and  various different grievances concerning why they don’t feel satisfied in life. The key in life to feeling satisfied is to just listen to your internal dialog, your soul and make your day by day work in life something  that you want to do and will help you accomplish your DREAMS!

The decisive word in that sentence is DREAMS!

The vast majority of individuals when asked, “Where do you see  yourself down the road, quite a while from now” give the answer, “Just give me a chance to make it to this weekend.” The hidden  reason that they don’t know where they will be is due to a lack of dreams. This  can be to a great degree demotivating. Each of the young people that I chatted with this week has dreams for their life and where they see themselves in the future.

As an expert speaker and business mentor, my end result is to enable individuals to discover their WHY in life — to enable and empower them to achieve their dreams and goals in life. I likewise shared with the group that it is so imperative to associate with a Master Mind Group, which will push  you on and let you know it is wonderful you have a goal.

As members of the general populace, more than 95% of grown-ups have no Master Mind Group yet they have bunches  of supposed companions or friends, who will be the motivation behind why they should never attempt to win and to simply acknowledge the emptiness of their life.

You have to stop at this point and take stock of your life and ask yourself three important questions:

  1. WHAT is my WHY in LIFE? (Why I am getting up every single day?)
  2. WHO is my Mastermind Group?
  3. WHERE do I see myself in 5 years?

When you answer these inquiries you have to be straightforward with yourself and let yourself know the truth on the grounds that reality might set you FREE! The way to carrying on with a satisfied life is awakening every day with a driving longing to attain to your “WHY”.

The way to winning in life is to be  piece of a Master Mind Group and acknowledge life choices are trying yet extremely helpful. Breath new life into  your Dreams back! Discover your WHY!

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