Accountability Partnering

  • Why aren’t you as successful as you are in your dreams?
  • Why aren’t you accomplishing all your goals?
  • Why are you stuck in this rut and unable to climb out of it?
  • Why are you trying to make it alone?

You know you can do it, you just need a boost to climb the next rung of the ladder, and goal by goal, achieve all the success that you have seen in your dreams. There really is a simple answer to how you can get that little push, that little shove to lead you in the right direction when you get to a fork in the road, or an obstacle.

It’s called “accountability” and you can’t get that alone. You need an accountability partner, a buddy, a coach or facilitator. You need someone who has been there, who has a roadmap, who can give you the chance you need, the chance you deserve, to reach your highest potential.

If you’re ready to step up one rung higher on the ladder to the pinnacle of success, in whatever it is your heart desires, now is the time to take that leap of faith. Join me in helping you to help yourself be the best you can be. Now. I’ve been there. I’ve lost 60 pounds and kept it off for over three years. I’ve built a handful of businesses over the years and experienced failure and success at nearly every turn life has tossed at me.

I have trained hard and played hard in the pursuit of my fitness goals and mountaineering dreams.

VIew from the trail: Uber Rock 50k Trail Run at Vail Colorado

How can I help you?

Together we can help you create properly formed goals to vastly increase your probability of success.
Together we can monitor your progress on a weekly basis to ensure your compliance.
Together we can overcome the roadblocks that life will toss at you.

12 Week Goal Setting Mentoring and Accountability Partnering:

  • Explore the SMART principles of Goal Setting and achievement
  • Define your pressing major and minor goals and the steps to achievement
  • Review your accomplishment of each step in your progress to achievement
  • Consultations and support at each roadblock
  • Learn how to measure, compare, assess and evaluate

During this 12 weeks, you will get six ten minute skype/hangout/phone consultations and reports on your progress with recommendations and support.

I highly recommend that all new clients participate in the 12 Week Goal Setting Mentoring and Accountability Partnering program.

Starting at $800.00 US for 12 sequential weeks.

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Monthly Accountability Partnering Program:

In our Monthly Accountability Partnering Program we will monitor your progress in achieving your goals by weekly reviews of your journal and pressing questions via email. We assist with support and recommendations to help you tweak your performance for the best results available to you. We will have one 10 minute skype/hangout/phone consultation per month.

This is primarily an accountability monitoring and partnership program, but it is possible to assist you in forming SMART major and minor goals to assist you with success during your month. If, like most people, you need faster results you will get more time devoted to forming your goals properly in the 12 Week Program above.

Starting at $80.00 US per month.

Fill out the form below and let’s get started!

Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia - one of the most difficult of the Seven Summits

My specialty is fat loss and fitness but the principles remain the same for many of your own specific needs. Let me know what we can do together to succeed now.

I took a different approach in creating this plan. First of all, I wanted to make it very very simple. I wanted to make it applicable to everyone. I wanted it to be quantifiable. Remember the old business management adage:
“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”
Additionally, I wanted it to be very easy to adjust up or down to suit your own caloric needs without going overboard either way. I believe that a series of baby steps will get you to your goal with a higher probability of success than trying to make it in a few vast leaps. It’s a lot easier to make course corrections while doing baby steps.
from The 100 Calorie Diet Plan, by Charles Miske

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