How to Write a Book Guaranteed

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Have you been struggling because you don’t know how to write a book?

Briefly, here’s my story. I struggled for years. I used to write for small local magazines. That was a long time ago. I spent fifteen years working in tech support and programming, and all I got to write then were proposals and documentation. That was really frustrating. But it also forced me to learn how to structure a manuscript and how to achieve daily goals for writing tasks.

After fifteen years I decided it was time to break free of all that, But I had to learn how to write a complete book. I’d never done it before. I had to read literally hundreds of articles and help files just to get my manuscript formatted well enough to even be accepted by Amazon. I had to struggle with compiling and converting several of my old blog posts into a book. It was tough.

I didn’t know how to write a book then

But I did learn how to write a book. Now I have 12 titles published on Amazon, Google Play Books, Barnes and Noble. Some are in paperback and all of them are available as eBooks. I make decent money at it too. I am able to live just outside a ski resort near Breckenridge Colorado. I run, ski, and train for my international mountaineering and climbing adventures. I spend time with my kids, my family, and the Boy Scout Troop I volunteer with.

I broke free of the cubicle because I learned how to write a book

You can do it too. I know you can. You’re reading this, so you recognize that the only thing standing between you and starting your own self-publishing empire is that you don’t know how to write a book.

Well we can fix that, starting right now, today, and in a minute I’ll share a special limited time offer with you. In the meantime, I’ll give you a few hints as to what we’re going to do, so that you too will learn how to write a book. We’ll spend ten weeks working together closely. I’ll mentor you each step of the way.

Testimonials From Attendees at My Previous Programs:

  • The presentation was informative and easy to follow.
  • Some of the tips provided will be helpful and this gave me a good perspective.
  • Really want to say thank you 🙂
  • Its the biggest thing out there with the best results.
Learning how to write a book led to publishing these paperbacks that I'm taking to a book signing in two weeks
Learning how to write a book led to publishing these paperbacks that I’m taking to a book signing in two weeks

The “How to Write a Book Guaranteed 10 Week Program” Includes:

  • Weekly Strategy Overview
  • Daily Goals
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions
  • Monthly Checkup Sessions

Note that is quite a bit of interaction between us. I’ll be your mentor and coach, not just a presenter. I’ll babysit you as much as we need to get the job done. I won’t finish your assignments for you, but I’ll do everything I can to make sure we’re all on the same page and you’re making the progress you need to achieve the success you deserve.

Here’s the guarantee. If you stick with me, do your daily tasks, attend all the weekly virtual meetings, follow up with me on all the accountability checks, at the end of the 10 weeks you will have self-published one complete 20,000 to 40,000 word book on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and on Paperback through Createspace. That’s quite an achievement. But you can do it with me looking over your shoulder the entire time. I’m there for you.

Buy Now and Let’s Get Your Book Done!

It’s only $247 for 10 weeks of training. But that price is only good for the first 20 that register. Then I’ll start up the second wave of enrollment at an increased price. You decide how much you will pay for this amazing opportunity.

If you want the best deal in learning how to write a book in only 10 weeks of intense hands-on training, this is the one. Don’t let it slip out of your grasp. Order today and let’s get started.

Less than $25 a week for intense hands-on training

Pay at PayPal with your credit card. PayPal Account not needed.

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I’m in the process of putting together a simple set of training videos to offer without the hand-holding consultations at a lower price for those who feel they have what it takes to succeed with the training but without the hands-on mentoring. Subscribe and I’ll let you know the second those are done at a super discount for those on my email list.

I have done it and I can show you how to write a book so that you can do it too.

But what if you don’t? What if you can’t? I believe in you, so here’s the guarantee. This is how much I believe in the program, and the effect it will have on your life. I’ll do it all over again starting from day one at my own expense.

That’s quite a risk I’m taking. But that’s how firmly I believe in my ability to work with you to make your book a reality.

Let me teach you how to write a book.

I’m a big fan of Brian Tracy. Big fan. I think I’ve listened to all of his CD’s and MP3’s and watched his videos. Recently he’s been working with Brendon Burchard to sell a how to write a book program for about twice what I’m charging. Yes, they’re both big names, and the information I’ve seen on their program is pretty good. Brian makes a valid point in his interview that a very high quality product is what attracts the interest of traditional publishing agents.

Rather than only 4 webinar training sessions like other programs, I’d like to spend more time holding your hand and leading you through the process of how to write a book that results in the highest quality product that you can begin selling right away in your own self-publishing account. And remember, right now it’s less than $25/week.

Charles Miske, Author, Consultant and World Traveling Adventurer. Here to help you become the best you can providing you the tools you need.
Charles Miske, Author, Consultant and World Traveling Adventurer. Here to help you become the best you can providing you the tools you need.

About Me

Check out my Amazon Author Bio CLICK HERE NOW and check out all the books on Amazon alone. Check out all my 5-Star Reviews. Check out how fast some of those were published back to back. Three in the last two months alone. I have a system. I have a plan. I know the tricks that make it go faster and smoother and result in the highest quality product. I will share those tricks with you as I take you by the hand and lead you to success.

Here is a link to one of my blogs with links to others on it in case you want to read about some of my books and articles and learn more about me than is presented here. There’s my blogger blog if you want even more of my previous articles.

You still want more? How about my Goodreads Author Bio CLICK HERE NOW and read as much as you can about me. I want you to believe in my ability to assist you in publishing your work.

You too can learn how to write a book. Start now and you’ll have your masterpiece available to the public in January or before. Let’s start now.

Right now it’s only $247 For the First 20 Registrations

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