How to Write a Book

This is the same great material as the mother program “How to Write a Book Guaranteed” but this is a condensed training materials only version.

  • Yes, it’s the same great content.
  • Yes it’s the same 10 weeks of video learning.
  • Yes it’s the same awesome material you need
  • Yes it’s at an amazing new low price

This is the program you need to successfully self-publish your own 20,000-40,000 word book on Amazon.

What’s the difference then? – No self-publishing guarantee.

Why no self-publishing guarantee? In the bigger, more expensive program I take you by the hand so to speak, and lead you carefully through each one of the goal objectives. With that level of intense mentoring I can offer a spectacular guarantee.

In the more expensive program I can promise you’ll get your book published or I’ll do the whole program over again at my own expense. That’s for the whole program though HERE not for this one.

So What is the Guarantee?

Tell you what. I will guarantee that this is the most complete, comprehensive How to Write a Book Program available at this price, and that you will get all the videos and that you can use the materials in the videos to self-publish your book at your own pace.

Or I’ll give you a $150 credit toward any of my programs here costing more than $150

You have to love a guarantee like that. Love my program at $119 or you get a free program worth $150. Let’s get started today, okay?

So that’s the price? – Yes, it’s only $119

Yeah, $119 for everything except the hands-on hand holding. Now, if you want that, go check out the other program now and sign up before it fills up. That hand-holding takes time and I only have so much to spread around, you know?

How to Write a Book 10 Week Video Presentation Program Starting Now
How to Write a Book 10 Week Video Presentation Program Starting Now

What do you get?

Every week for 10 weeks I’ll send you the exact same video training presentation that the others get. You just don’t get the Skype/Hangout consultations. You don’t get the Webinar Live Training. You don’t get the right to email me every single day and get an answer. But otherwise you get it all. You get a video, then week to digest it and see if you can make it work on your own. Then you get another video every week until you have all 10.

If you need more time, that’s fine, just go back and watch it again and again until it makes sense to you. I’m fine with that. It’s like a permanent classroom you have access to every day.

Sign up now and let’s get your book published finally!

You don’t need PayPal to pay – this is the link to my Merchant Account on PayPal. Use your credit card or PayPal, whichever works best for you. Thanks!

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