Millionaire Secrets: New iPod Color

Several years ago, maybe 2005, I was working in a small office in a small town along the Wasatch Front between Provo and Salt Lake City. I was a partner in that company primarily responsible for the tech. Servers, databases, programming, the usual. I didn’t have a lot to do with marketing, except perhaps in tech fulfillment.

Thinking hard about marketing fulfillment

There was a fairly new marketing employee. I’m not really too sure what he did for us. I do remember having to fire him a few times though. Anyway, I’ll call him Henri here. Henri liked to talk fast, and seem like he was doing a lot of stuff in no time. I think if you inverted that it was more like what was really going on. No stuff in a lot of time. Most of the marketing employees we ever had to endure were that way.

So one day I have to pass through his “office” a table in the corner of a room off the side of the printer room. He jumped up from his desk and stopped me.

Henri: Did you see the new color that Apple is coming out with in the Nano?
Me: Huh?
Henri: Isn’t it exciting? It’s [truly forgot what color he was babbling about]. It’s the first [color] Nano ever!
Me: Oh. Wow. Yeah. Thought you had an iPod.
Henri: Yes, but it’s not [color]! I need it.
Me: You know Henri, I don’t think people who make $9/hour need to worry about what color their iPod is.

A crushed look passed his face. In a side note, he ended up with one, and a few weeks later I fired him for the first time, at the request of his boss who wasn’t very comfortable firing people.

What Tech staff really does in the cave

My statement might appear somewhat brash, and perhaps offensive. Especially if you make $9/hr. The article I keep quoting with the list of attributes the Wealthy and Poor do not share didn’t mention anything about buying new iPods every few months. Aside from patent trolling, planned obsolescence seems to be their main business model. Kind of like PPV, WWE and Easy No Down Terms. There’s a sucker born every minute.

You might think I’m joking, but in the classic book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy authors Stanley and Danko present a great list of millionaire attributes. Chief among them is that you don’t spend money on frivolous toys. You don’t buy a new phone every time an S model comes out. You don’t buy 12 colors of Nano over the course of a few years. Some of these people have taken it to extremes, driving cars for a million miles, wearing clothes for twenty years, but not quite eating out of dumpsters.

If you want to be wealthy you might reconsider handing your money over to those that are every time they ask you for it.

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